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Coin or Care

Where are we going with our communication these days? Have you ever asked someone how they are doing and they didn't actually answer; instead they just said "hey" or worse just smiled/nodded...or they answered the question but didn't ask you how you're doing? How about when people text/email you, and they get straight to talking about what they want? There is absolutely no greeting or cordial conversation at all. Are we too busy to care? But then, people have the nerve to get mad at you when you call them out for it.

In 2019, when people would text/email me without a greeting, I would respond with "Hello, hru?" and wait for their response before getting to what they wanted. A few would catch the hint and apologize. But a year later, some of those same people are still apologizing. Seriously, how long does this take to learn?

I was so tired of it that I told people in my close circle that in 2020, I am no longer responding to rude messages or helping people that don't have the decent courtesy to be cordial. I mean, at least fake like you care about how I'm doing. I was sharing this with a friend and found out that another mutual friend had shared the exact thing and had coined the phrase "coin or care." I love it!!! Thank you Rhonda Oliver!!! I stand with you whole-heartedly on this.

If you are contacting me, your messages need to either have some "care" in it.... or you need to be talking about something in which I'm going to be getting paid. People have the nerve to contact you to ask for something and not even be nice about it. "Coin or Care" people or your messages will be ignored. Let's go 2020!!!

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